What to expect at a GraceLife Campus:

GraceLife is a family… and we’re by no means perfect! So please have grace for us when you visit! Our desire is that you’ll feel welcome whenever you visit and that you’ll experience Jesus’ love and joy through us. What you can expect:

  • a comfortable, laid back environment
    • Do we have a dress code? Yes, please wear clothes! Dress comfortably.
  • a time of worship in singing to God
  • teaching which is Word-based, life-changing and grace-based
  • communion at every service
    • As a guest at GraceLife, you are most welcome to join us celebrating Jesus through partaking in communion. On the condition (in accordance with Scripture) that you are a believer.
    • Why communion at every service? Communion is all about Jesus. It reminds us of what God did for us. It reminds us of His unconditional love and amazing grace. The Bible also shows us how the church in Acts met daily and broke bread (took communion) together (Acts 2:42, 46). For us it is not a religious ritual, rather it’s a life-giving celebration of victory.
  • an opportunity to receive prayer and ministry from our trained ministry team.
  • tea or coffee after the service, and an opportunity to interact with some awesome people.