On 18 July 2010 seven believers gathered in a small apartment in Stellenbosch to worship God together and GraceLife was born!  This was the starting point of a dream that Shayne and Marna Holesgrove had received from God, to reach people with the message of God’s unconditional love and grace through the finished work of Jesus.

 On 29 August 2010 we moved away from being a home church, and met for the first time in a public venue. We instantly doubled to about 40 people and quickly grew to between 60 and 80 people in four months.
God is doing a mighty work in our midst! People’s lives are being transformed as they discover the Truth of the Living Word, which is Jesus! People are receiving Jesus, those in bondage are liberated, the sick are receiving healing, the lonely are grafted into a loving spiritual family and God’s kingdom is advancing!

One of our biggest qualities as a church is our strong sense of community. We value strong godly relationships! However, we are not merely on mission to build a strong community, rather we are a strong community on a mission: to reach the lost, disciple the found, raise leaders and plant grace communities (churches).

Thank you for visiting our virtual reception. Please feel free to contact us with any prayer or ministry needs and when you are in the Cape area, be sure to come celebrate the finished work with us!

Much love and every blessing in Him!

 Shayne & Marna