Ministry Updates

September Newsletter – LIFEGROUPS I 2016



I have recently started overseeing small groups (i.e. LifeGroups, Worthy Women, Mannekuier, etc.) and I am SUPER excited about what lies ahead for GraceLife in this area.  Together with Shayne, Christiaan Benadie, and Glen Johnson we have structured and aligned small groups to the vision and mission of GraceLife in order to better shepherd and care for people, facilitate growth and do life together.  All this whilst having fun as a family and impacting the world with the gospel of the unconditional love and grace of Jesus.

The new structure includes the assigning of assistant leaders to every small group and training them in order to strengthen the leadership base of GraceLife.  These assistant leaders will also be equipped, over time, to lead their own small groups as and when the opportunities arise, thus further enabling ministry growth.  All the small group leaders and assistant leaders are currently busy with an 8 week leadership training/equipping program that will bear much fruit, not only in GraceLife but also in the areas of current and future influence of everyone that attends.

GraceLife now has 16 small groups that meet around Stellenbosch, Durbanville, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West, Paarl and Pretoria.

I am also very excited about the recently launched family-friendly, combined LifeGroups format that meets over brunch during one Saturday morning every month.  The plan is to celebrate grace in different formats and facilitate various events to which GraceLifers can invite those who still need to hear about how much God loves them.

Love never fails!

Pieter Weenink

Spetember Newsletter – Mannekuier I 2016

Mannekuier I 2016


Mannekuier has and continues to be one of the most consistent life groups in Stellenbosch. Since Mannekuier first started, it has evolved and grown into what it is today. There is always a growing anticipation and excitement amongst the guys leading up to the meeting which is now happening at the Blue Crane and Butterfly every Friday morning at 7am. The name Mannekuier itself is enticing to a wider range of people and does not come with the stigma that is often associated with small groups. A number of students have started joining the meeting and over the past 6 months one of the guys got born again and has been attending consistently ever since. It’s amazing how Mannekuier has provided a platform where the guys feel comfortable to share what is on their hearts and everyone seems to get involved.

The largest group that attended this year was around 20 guys and in the past 6 months, the group has consistently been an average of 8-10 guys. There is a great expectation amongst the guys who are all excited to see where Mannekuier will be in the next 6 months. Proverbs 27:17 – “As Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”.

Written by 

Jonathan Deenik

September Newsletter – Worthy Women I 2016

Worhty Women I 2016


Worthy Women started because I felt on my heart that this is what God was leading me to do. I believe He wanted me to start a group where women can connect and grow to a place where they realise their own true worth and identity. I wanted to facilitate this place so that once they knew it, they could walk out in it and minister to others too.

I officially only launched Worthy Women in March of this year so there is still much room for growth but I am encouraged to know that we have a few ladies who faithfully attend every week. I am however expecting that the group will grow during the rest of he year so that even more women can be impacted by the Gospel of grace.

Worthy Women has impacted the ladies through the fellowship around the word and grace community that they now have. Heather actually shared the following after I approached her about how Worthy Women has impacted her:

“Thank you for the love and encouragement I receive every Friday morning – it is absolutely worth getting organised and to be able to go to the early meeting. To understand that God’s love is sufficient for me, to get more clarity and even support in daily issues that cause so much stress just blesses me. To also be part of a loving family and experience perfect peace by keeping my mind focused on God – Thank you!”

Written by

Moira Lotz