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2017 Zim Mission Team

Zimbabwe Mission 2017

2017 Zim Mission Team Mission report: Coenraad Swanepoel Early on a rainy, cold July morning , a team of 13 missionaries set off from South Africa on a 10 day mission trip to Zimbabwe. The purpose of the mission trip was to bring the love and true nature of God to a nation where the gospel of the finished work of Jesus has been distorted by false teachings. The first part of the mission took place in the capital city, Harare, which consisted of evangelizing highly populated areas and strengthening the believers with our sister church. The second part of the mission took place in Bulawayo and focused mainly on street evangelism and establishing a new church plant at the end of the week. We were able to evangelize the highly populated areas by dividing the team into three groups and going to specific households to preach. The preaching was ...
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Celebrating Impact: Rooted Discipleship Guide

Celebrating Impact: Rooted Discipleship Guide Rooted is a discipleship tool that was created to help unbelievers come to know Jesus and His unconditional love and grace, and to help believers grow in their relationship with God. It contains 21 lessons with questions and answers covering essential topics for the “grace life” (aka Christian life). It includes a bonus study on the vital topic of the sovereignty of God. The Rooted Discipleship Guide is perfect for individual Bible study and for group study. Rooted has been translated into Albanian. Afrikaans and Portuguese translations are currently being finalized. Rooted has been used throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Albania, Germany, USA, Holland, UK, and Brazil. Here are some recent testimonies of people being impacted by Rooted. Name: Brett Davids Lives in: Stellenbosch Completed Rooted: December 2016 Discipled by: Janno van Graan “Rooted has impacted me tremendously. Knowing the truth about God and His ...
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Rooted: You’re not too young (or too old)

Rooted: You’re not too young (or too old) Sumeshnee Reddy: Outreach Oversight and People Care, GraceLife Pretoria I joined Grace Life Pretoria just over a year ago. After having been hugely impacted by the teachings in Rooted myself, I was keen to impart that same knowledge and truth to others. I started going through the Rooted Discipleship Guide and when we got to the section on baptism, she asked me to baptize her. The growth in this lady has been astounding, from taking antidepressants and suffering from major depression; today she is a joyful person, living in the abundant life that Jesus promised. My nine year old brother visited our family from London over Christmas and we ended up having some deep spiritual time together, praying and encouraging one another. We decided to meet over Skype when he returned home to the UK to do a simplified session of Rooted ...
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